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How to Host a Successful Awards Night

Awards Nights are a great way to motivate, inspire and engage your team. Whether you are recognising exceptional results by your sales team or stand out performances on the footy field - we have some great tips to ensure that your next Awards Night leaves a lasting impression.

Hostess with the mostess

Awards Night events usually have a lot of formalities. Keep your running schedule on track and your guests entertained by engaging a professional MC. If budget doesn't allow for this, find someone within the business with charisma that speaks confidently. The MC will need a lose script and detailed running schedule - we would recommended briefing the MC prior to the event and asking she / he to come in a bit early on the night to go over everything.

Something for everyone

You can't give an award to everyone so you do need to think about other aspects of your event that will ensure all guests are entertained. Photobooths are always a crowd pleaser as are 'selfie stations'. Incorporate your team or business's branding and create your own event hashtag so that your guests can share their experiences on social media.

A quick game's a good game!

No one wants to sit through hours of speeches. Confirm a concise running schedule and stick to it.

Quality Audio Visual

Having high quality audio visual for your event is super important when it comes to Awards Dinners. You want all of your guests to hear and see the awards clearly. A stage is also important and will be the focal point of the evening. Don't forget to use the front of the lectern as a branding opportunity for your team or business.

5. The grand entrance

Make your guests feel really special by creating a grand entrance to your event. Red carpets, up-lighting and gold bollards will create a glam vibe and set the mood for a great night ahead. For an extra fun touch, hire fake 'paparazzi' to snap your guests entrance against a branded 'media wall'.

7. Theme it

Choosing a theme for your awards night event can add an extra element of fun for your guests. Common themes for awards nights are - Grammy's, Gold Glamour, Oscars or Hollywood themes - all of which are always well received.

8. Final farewells

At the end of the event, schedule a senior manager or team captain to provide a concise thank you and farewell - ensuring that award winners are thanked again and to provide motivation to the team for future awards. Organising an after party can also be a nice touch.

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