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Conference Breaks with A Twist – 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Conference Catering

For conference and event planners, it is highly likely that your delegates will have attended many conferences, meetings and business events throughout the year. Want your next Melbourne event stand out? On this week’s blog, the No.1 team provides their helpful hints on working memorable points of difference into your next conference.

Smoothie Station

A delicious and healthy alternative to the regular tea and coffee station, a smoothie station is sure to energise your guests. Smoothies have the added benefit of being easy to consume whilst furiously responding to emails and checking voice messages.

Get Interactive

Food stations are always exciting and allow guests to interact and mingle. For conferences and events where your guests may not know each other, or where networking is one of your event aims – interactive food stations can be a great way to break the ice.

Healthy Breaks

While most people love a sweet treat with their cuppa, sugar filled goodness such as scones with jam and cream (a conference catering classic!) may not provide your delegates with optimum energy levels to focus on the rest of your program. Tea and coffee break menus featuring fresh, seasonal whole foods are not only tasty – they will provide your delegates with the fuel they need to make the most out of your conference.

Themed Tea and Coffee Breaks

Themed tea and coffee breaks can become a great talking point for your guests. From a chocolate theme to a specific style of international cuisine (e.g. Oriental Flavours), a themed tea and coffee break will delight all the senses.

Local Favourites

Welcome your interstate or international conference delegates by showcasing some local favourites. Featuring unique, artisan products and extra special local ingredients from around Melbourne and Victoria is a great way of showcasing your city and provides your guests with a unique taste sensation that they will remember.

Go Outdoors

Weather permitting, give your conference guests a breath of a fresh air by hosting your catering breaks outside. Setting up tea and coffee break out areas in an outdoor setting gives your guests a chance to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

No.1 is proud to feature a range of conference break options – from classic comfort foods to ultra-healthy local flavours – our menus aim to delight and recharge your guests. Click here to view our range of conference menus today.

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