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Children's Parties at No 1 Events- a breeze!

Planning a children's party can be a daunting task! There is much to think about and many people think it will be easy than it is.

Catering- Decorations- Entertainment- Service Staff- Safety- Clean Up=


Having such a function at home can mean a whole lot of stress including getting the house ready, gardens to tidy, food to prepare, hiring equipment, setting up and then having to supervise a whole of children running wild in your home followed by the inevitable massive tidy and clean up at the end!

Choosing to hire a venue for your children's party is a great way to reduce the stress levels. Let the venue take care of all the finicky details so you can relax and be in the moment enjoying watching your child have a great time and allowing you to catch up with friends and family.

At No 1 Events we have recently been hosting a variety of children's birthday parties. Our Venue Management Team have many years experience in designing and coordinating children's parties and have all the necessary contacts to make it a memorable success.

At No1 Events we can custom design a menu to suit your requirements and your child's favourite foods. Our menus are not just filled with 'nuggets and chips'- we have a full range of healthy menu items as well as traditional party favourites!

No 1 Events has all the contacts and connections to provide all the fun at your child's party- we can provide:

  • Decorations- including balloons, balloons, balloons!

  • Entertainers- fancy having 'Bluey', 'Elsa' or Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig come to your party?!

  • Birthday cakes

  • DJ's

  • Bands

  • Children's soft play toys

  • Jumping castles (we can have them inside or outside on our Terrace)

The benefits of hosting a party at No 1 Events

We’ve listed the main benefits of hosting a party at No 1 Events instead of at home.

1. On-site safety

One of the major benefits of having a party in a venue is the on-site safety and security. Children can run around and have fun without the parents being worried. Note that most venues will still require parents to be present at the venue.

2. Flexible catering

At No 1 Events we will custom design a menu for you! We will then provide all the food and beverages as well as the whole table set (Cutlery, napkins, glasses…). The hidden side of our service is the piece of mind it provides. We provide service staff to serve the food and drinks and clean up afterward!

3. Space

No 1 Events has plenty of space- we will provide you with space you might not have at home. From chairs to cutlery to floor space, our homes aren’t usually equipped to host an army of kids.

At No 1 Events we have a large foyer area for meet and greet and then several large event rooms that we can set up to your specific requirements. We can even have jumping castles, soft play equipment and more located inside the venue. No 1 Events also has an outdoor terrace- weather permitting you can set up games, activities and even a jumping castle in this area.

4. Less to do

With a No 1 Events party you will have less to do as we will assist with all the party organisation required. Home parties require more time for preparations and for cleaning afterwards. By hosting your event at No 1 Events you will be free to enjoy the event and then go home to a clean and quiet house.


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